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Why and for whom do you write/work today?
Feature by: Alexis A. Tioseco

Chalida Uabumrungjit

Work keeps me alive so I probably say that I work for myself. There are many things I want to see happen and I try to make it happen through my work. After ten years of working on independent films, now I will focus more on creating spaces for proper screenings for non-mainstream films. I would also like to return to my personal passion, which is to work more to support film preservation because films are really dying in our country and elsewhere. We already have a petition on saving the audio-visual heritage ( [which is meant] to urge the government [to act] and we will have many more events to support this campaign.
Chalida Uabumrungjit studied film from Thammasat University and film archiving from University of East Anglia,UK. Currently she is working as the project director of the Thai Film Foundation. She has supported independent film through Thai Short Film and Video Festival which she served as Festival Director since 1997. Anything to do with films in Thailand, you can always find her there.

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