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Why and for whom do you write/work today?
Feature by: Alexis A. Tioseco

Zhang Wenjie

I work for the National Museum of Singapore as a programmer, and my work involves organizing and programming film screenings and festivals. At the same time, I also like to think that in some way, I work for the Singaporean filmmakers as well – in watching, screening and recommending their films. But most of all, the reason I do my work is for people like Toh Hai Leong, for whom film is not just a version of life on the screen in a darkened theatre, but something that is more than life itself, because that was how I was like once.
Zhang Wenjie was the programmer for The Substation's Moving Images film programme from 2003 to 2005, and worked for the National Museum of Singapore as programmer for the National Museum Cinémathèque from 2005 to 2008. He is currently co-director of the Singapore International Film Festival.

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