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From Epoy Deyto

been reading articles at Criticine for a while now, and I saw the Love Letters segment there, so I decided to make one with the same format as I saw. I just hope I'm doing it right. Thanks for taking your time reading this.

Dear Alexis,

No, you don't know me. But I do know a part of you from your writings and from writings about you. I'm just another film buff who follows every critic like you who writes their views on cinema. It is such a shame for me getting into films just now.

Cinema, as mentioned by my classmate, Mikey Yalung a month before, might be the purest form of art. It's beautiful, adorable, lovable. Un Chien Andalou is my first love, with beauty that can't be put into words. Thanks to the film makers that they were never selfish to share that beauty to the world, and thanks to the critics and analysts that they point people out what the most beautiful of these beauties.

It's a good thing to know that such beauty exists in this economically-deprived country of ours. It was again thanks to critics like you, that I've been seeing beauty in the eyes of Filipino artists. Critics being there to support our own artists is just a great sight, we just hope that the government would have love for cinema as big as people like you.

Because of this love of mine, I started writing again: though Kawts Kamote is not that famous, at least I've been trying my best to share my views. Furthermore, I also began making my own digital films. On my short film-making experience, there was rejection and acceptance. I would never forget which of my works has been rejected on a certain competition. I would never forget how Jonas Mekas has liked one of my works that has competed at an online film festival. And I would never forget the way John Torres reacted upon seeing my work for Kontra, I still don't know if he liked it or not.

Thanks to you Alexis, an understanding between Lav Diaz' films and my consciousness have been established. His films, though most of the times depressing, are enlightening. Thanks to Noel Vera for suggesting Pangarap ng Puso and for letting me know the cinema of Mario O'Hara deeper. Thanks to Oggs Cruz, Richard Bolisay and Dodo Dayao for their support to our artists by letting their works be screened once a month at the Tioseco-Bohinc film series. Thanks to Whammy Alcazaren and the rest of UP Cinema for publishing KinoPunch (if I'm not mistaken, the only magazine in the Philippines devoted for cinema alone). Thanks to those film makers whose works I love: Kidlat Tahimik, Lav Diaz, Raya Martin, Khavn dela Cruz, Mike De Leon, Mario O'Hara, I hope to see more from you (I'm still hoping that Mr. de Leon would make a new film). To the late Masters: Lino Brocka, Ishmael Bernal, Joey Gosiengfiao; thanks to the inspiration to the new generation. And thanks to the new breeds of film makers and film-makers to be: never stop dreaming.

I write, but I would never admit that I'm good at it. I don't know if people would understand where I'm heading to. I just hope that this letter would reach you. If so, please tell me your views about it: kung wasak ba o hindi.

It's such a shame that I haven't got a chance to meet you while you're still around. But then again, it was thanks to you, and all the other heroes, that Philippine cinema is being saved.

with respect,
Epoy Deyto is a psychology student and (small-time) film-maker. He currently resides at Pasig
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