Only light and memory

David Teh and May Adadol Ingawanij conducted a workshop with Apichatpong and students of Khon Kaen University, this is the Q & A that resulted.

A Conversation with Sasithorn Ariyavicha pt.2
The Creation and Inspiration, The Spirit: the second and third parts of Bioscope Magazine’s conversation with experimental Thai filmmaker Sasithorn Ariyavicha.

A Conversation with Sasithorn Ariyavicha pt.1
“There are Thais who make these kinds of films?” Bioscope’s Graiwoot introduces us to the experimental cinema of Sasithorn Ariyavicha.

A Conversation with the Editors of Bioscope Magazine
Bioscope magazine is one of the leading film criticism magazines in Thailand. Filmmaker Thunska talks print with its editors, Suparp Rimtheparthip and Thida Plitpholkarnpim

A Conversation with Kong Rithdee
Kong Rithdee is the most important Thai critic writing in the English language. Thunska probes his mind about Thai cinema, film festivals, and the need to travel.

A Conversation with Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Filmmaker Poon sits down with one of the best filmmakers in the world today, and talks architecture, Thai cinema and personal films.

A Conversation with Pen-Ek Ratanaruang
Alexis Tioseco has an extended chat with Thai director Pen-Ek Ratanaruang in Singapore.

The Face of Auntie Jen
The transformative power of cinema is explored by Richard Lowell MacDonald as he gazes at one of Apichatpong’s most distinctive performers. Jenjira Pongpas.

Monster!: I survive through other people’s memories.
Thai critic Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn hasn’t forgotten the Thai premiere of “Tropical Malady”. He recreates the experience for us in this detailed analysis of Joe’s mysterious work.

Uruphong Raksasad: Self-sufficiency moviemaking
If there are such things as ‘Otop films’, Uruphong Raksasad’s documentaries about his northern hometown are their prime specimen

Mysterious Objects: On the early works of Apichatpong
How did a haircut create an opportunity for a first time filmmaker? Criticine reprints an early article by Bioscope editor Suparp on the early works of Joe.

Syndromes and A Century
Kong Rithdee describes Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Cinema of Impermanence.